We zijn ervan overtuigd dat deze nieuwe toestellen, zoals het monowiel en de step een echt alternatief bieden op het gebied van stadsverkeer, om de verkeersverzadiging te verminderen.Wij ontvangen uw donatie graag!

Het voordeel van deze toestellen: het gebruik ervan is perfect te combineren met andere vervoerswijzen, zoals auto, trein en openbaar vervoer. Met andere woorden, ze bevorderen multimodale en flexibele micromobiliteit, in overeenstemming met het profiel en de behoeften van de gebruiker.

Op basis van deze overtuiging hebben we een dubbel doel.

Enerzijds om deze toestellen en hun troeven op een leuke manier en in een beveiligde ruimte bij zoveel mogelijk mensen voor te stellen

Aan de andere kant, om de criticasters van het potentieel van deze apparaten te overtuigen, zodra hun gebruikers de essentiële regels hebben geleerd om ze op een verantwoordelijke en respectvolle manier te gebruiken ten opzichte van andere gebruikers in de openbare ruimte.

Wil je ons steunen? Wij ontvangen uw donatie graag!

ASBL BELGIUM WHEELERS Bedrijf N° : 0721.471.647
IBAN: BE41 7350 5271 2010

Léo Wilkinson


Our leader has been riding since February 2018 and coordinates the management of the association. Leo uses his Inmotion V8 every day to go to work. He is Franco-British, he is also one of our linguistic assets. His dog is called Boo: this young dog loves to ride with us and is our mascot.


Cosmo Wheeler

Board member

Cosmo Wheeler discovered the electric unicycles at the end of 2017. Since then, it has become a passion that is close to his heart and is eager to share it. Within BELGIUM WHEELERS, he invests all 200% of his energy in the development and organisation of our activities and projects.

Larissa De Wulf

Board member

Aka “Roue Sauvage” since April 2018 when she started riding electric unicycles. Convinced of the many advantages offered by the new personal transport vehicle in terms of leisure, alternative mobility and sports, the BELGIUM WHEELERS project was an obvious cause to support. Bilingual French-Dutch, Larissa contributes to the development of the association's activities.

Cosmo Wheeleuse

Board member

Cosmo Wheeleuse since Christmas 2017, riding mainly with “The little Blue One” (a Gotway ACM16). A lawyer by training and a committed citizen, she uses her wheel on a daily basis and actively participates in the organisation of association events and projects. She provides secure supervision during rides. It is also important to her to feminise our community!

Gys Wuyts


Gys has been riding in electric unicycles since March 2018, mainly for business trips to Brussels. Perfectly bilingual Dutch-French, it is also one of our linguistic assets. He especially enjoys group rides. Often on the go in Europe, he often takes his MsuperV3 for a quick ride…

Bruno Bovy


Bruno is one of the Belgian pioneers of micro-mobility, and was a reseller of the first electric unicycles. A true Freeline expert, it only took him a quarter of an hour to become a fan of electric unicycles. He is tirelessly involved in the organisation and logistics of our association.