Our activities are aimed at everyone: schools and their pupils, companies and their employees, young people, the not so young, those who don’t feel at ease when riding through the city, isolated people, people with reduced mobility and/or looking for new ways to move around.

Some activities are free of charge, others are not. Members benefit from free or reduced rates depending on the activity. For more information, we invite you to consult the tab: Members’ contributions / Table of activities / Rates.










Ride & Lunch

Micro-Mobility Days

We regularly organise, on our own initiative or on request, days dedicated to micro-mobility, during which everyone can get information and try out different micro-mobility devices in a secure area, with the help and advice of experienced users and trainers.  

We make the participants aware of the applicable legal rules, as well as the good practices of responsible and respectful use of other users of public space and inform them about the protections adapted to the vehicle.

Individual initiations

We organise initiations to the electric unicycles, electric scooters, electric skateboards, as well as Polowheel. These initiations are for those who wish to learn to ride or improve their skills, with the help of an experienced trainer, in a safe environment or on public roads.


What’s Polowheel?! It’s Polo, but on a monowheel. It is an excellent exercise to learn to  perfect the mastery of electric unicycles. We regularly run training sessions and matches.

Urban Training

These rides are organised in small groups in an urban environment. They are intended for those who wish to learn or improve their riding skills in the city’s traffic, but in a safe and supervised manner. They help to develop reflexes in terms of anticipation of cars and other vehicles, how to be more visible and ride safely. Trainings are always preceded by a safety briefing (respect for traffic regulations, visibility, protection, courtesy).

Night Rides

Night rides are organised when night falls and allow you to discover the city in a different way. During these rides, we pay particular attention to the visibility of our participants. Adapted lighting or high-visibility vests are essential.


We go to discover a city or a region, in Belgium or abroad, for a day or a weekend!

Off Road Training

These rides are organised in small groups, off the beaten track and often in the woods. They are intended for those who wish to improve their control of their machine or simply have fun on more ‘sporting’ tracks.

Mini Road-Trip

We explore other cities or countries with our vehicles. Depending on the chosen destination, this activity can last several days. For our first mini road-trip, we left Brussels and joined French Wheelers friends in Luxembourg!

Exhibitions Belgium Wheelers

As our primary objective is to promote micro-mobility, we organise discovery and learning events and also participate in events organised by third parties, for example schools or events organised by other associations.  


We organise “first sensations” mainly on electric unicycles, electric scooters and electric skateboards, as well as micro-mobility challenges between different means of travel (electric unicycles, e-scooters, e-skates, e-bike, freelines, etc.). We have organised international rally-events (during car-free days in 2018 and 2019) during which we have also initiated and informed many people interested in this new way of experiencing urban mobility. 


We also took part in the Sport Days organised by the City of Brussels in 2019, the Summer Geek Festival in Mons and the Bike Brussel 2018 and 2019 trade fair.


Our famous Sunday “Resto-balades”, during which the first members of our association met. Wonderful events to meet other rides, share best practices and accessible to all levels.

Would you like more information or register for one of our next activities? Do not hesitate to contact us at or via our Facebook page.